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Please check each practice you are interested in and click the "Request Info" button to receive more information. An icon of a camera at the beginning of the description of an entry indicates that pictures of the practice are available upon request.

Please note, "Net Income" is estimated first year net income to the buyer and includes the annual expense of 100% financing (principal and interest) of the practice asking price and real estate, where applicable.


Bradenton | West - Sarasota / Bradenton - For Sale
Type: General Practice for Sale
Gross: $770,000.00 | Net Income: $200,000.00
Strong fee for service, technologically updated, paperless practice centrally located in Bradenton. Facility includes four (4) equipped operatories, good sized lab, private office and has ability to expand. Procedures are based around restorative / crown and bridge dentistry with most specialty referred out. The practice is open four (4) days per week with doctor hours just over three (3) total {two (2) full / two (2) half} days per week. Collections have been stable year over year with low receivables and steady new patient flow. Marketing includes some direct mail and brochures with additional efforts focused around word of mouth growth. Great opportunity to take a fee-for-service practice now with efficient operations and continue to grow. Real estate for sale with the practice. Net income after debt includes 100% financing of both the practice asking price and estimated real estate value.
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Bradenton | West - Sarasota / Bradenton - Under Contract
Type: General Practice for Sale
Gross: $630,000.00 | Net Income: $200,000.00
Stable, associate driven, practice centrally located and ready to grow. The practice is paperless and boasts six (6) recently equipped operatories in just under 2000sf. The owner reports just over 1100 active patients, mostly FFS, some PPO, and an average new patient flow of sixteen (16) per month primarily from internal / current patient referral. The office is located in a professional center off a very busy area road with ample parking to support future growth.
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Brandon | West - Brandon Area - Under Contract
Type: General Practice for Sale
Gross: $1,300,000.00 | Net Income: $401,000.00
Nicely appointed, well located, two-thousand (2000) square foot, five operatory, paperless (Eaglesoft/Dexis) practice that has been open and operating in the area for nearly forty (40) years. Primarily focused on restorative, crown and bridge procedures, the Seller refers out nearly all specialty work. The practice is open four days per week, sees about seventeen (17) new patients per month (mix of PPO and FFS) and has an active hygiene program with eight (8) hygiene days per week. The staff is well trained and up on both clinical and practice management continuing education and the doctor takes considerable time off throughout the year.
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Clearwater | West - Clearwater Area - For Sale
Type: General Practice for Sale
Gross: $625,000.00 | Net Income: $201,000.00
Staff description: cross-trained
Very nicely appointed stable and growing four (4) operatory FFS/PPO restorative practice well located to residential parts of Clearwater. New patient flow is consistent for the three and a half (3.5) day per week work schedule (with essentially no advertising) keeping the doctor and hygiene schedules steady. While this practice is well situated to continue on as-is, there is ample room for growth in both operative and specialty procedures. There may also be opportunity to add one (1) additional operatory. The location is a professional complex with the practice on the first floor of a multi-story building. The condominium space is for sale with the practice and net income calculations include financing of 100% of the estimated value / asking price for the real estate.
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Nature Coast (Southwest) | West - For Sale
Type: General Practice for Sale
Gross: $2,300,000.00 | Net Income: $650,000.00
Strong eight (8) operatory FFS/PPO well located growing practice. This practice is paperless with technology throughout including digital radiography, pan/ceph, CT, Cerec and laser. Good procedure mix beyond traditional restorative dentistry but consistently still referring out specialty work, as well. New patient flow averages upwards of six per day (75+ per month) coming from a mix of advertising, word of mouth and insurance. Seller currently takes at least forty (40) days of vacation per year. The practice facility is 3400sf and has room to expand with plenty of additional storage space, throughout. Great community practice where the Seller is willing to stay for a longer term transition, if desired.
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New Port Richey | West - Port Richey Area - For Sale
Type: General Practice for Sale
Gross: $665,000.00 | Net Income: $200,000.00
Six (6) operatory, two (2) are plumbed but not equipped, 2300sf space centrally located in New Port Richey. This mostly FFS practice has been established in the area for nearly fifty (50) years and boasts technology updates including digital radiography and panorex. The office is open four (4) days per week with five (5) days of hygiene per week between two (2) hygienists. Great opportunity to take an established practice and physical space and grow it in to the future. Net income includes annual cost of financing 100% of the practice and real estate asking prices.
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Pinellas Park | West - St. Petersburg / Pinellas County - For Sale
Type: General Practice for Sale
Gross: $350,000.00
Five operatory PPO/FFS practice centrally located on a major road. This restorative practice reports seeing over twenty (20) new patients per month, has a full staff in place and comes with a huge upside for growth. Facility is owned by Seller and for sale with the practice. Great opportunity in Pinellas county to own real estate on a high traffic road and grow your practice.
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Venice | West - Englewood / Venice - Under Contract
Type: General Practice for Sale
Gross: $395,000.00 | Net Income: $100,000.00
Long established full fee for service / cash office centrally located in Venice. Three operatories but 2000 square feet and low lease rate. Four day a week schedule with hygiene each day. Computerized with digital radiography and plumbed for Nitrous.
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Sarasota - South | West - Sarasota / Bradenton - For Sale
Type: Endodontic Practice for Sale
Gross: $420,000.00 | Net Income: $235,000.00
Two (large) operatory, low overhead office located on a major road in the Sarasota area. 100% referral based practice - no advertising. PPO/FFS mix. Great opportunity to acquire a strong net income practice and grow.
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Oral Surgery

West Central Florida | West - For Sale
Type: Oral Surgery Practice for Sale
Gross: $1,430,000.00 | Net Income: $482,000.00
Strong, long-established, northwest Central Florida “Teeth and Titanium” practice with opportunity for hospital surgical component (such as orthognathics and trauma) strategically and centrally located to target patient, referral and resource bases. Operating in a six (6) operatory (four (4) equipped, two (2) plumbed but not fully equipped), large, well laid-out and spacious facility, the practice is technologically updated and is further equipped to provide advanced level of surgical care. A majority of the overall practice income is earned from a near even mix of implant and oral surgery with the bulk of the balance made up of consultative followed by tissue and grafting related procedures. Most of the patients are fee for service / cash paying patients (no managed care). The practice is set up to become paperless and has been continually updated both in dental and overall equipment. The real estate is owned by the Seller and is for sale with the practice. Financing of 100% of the asking price (estimated value) of the real estate at estimated market rates is factored in to the post-debt service net income calculation.
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West Tampa Bay | West - Tampa Area - For Sale
Type: Periodontal Practice for Sale
Gross: $800,000.00 | Net Income: $162,000.00
With a location surrounded by residences and referral sources, this nicely appointed professional six operatory periodontal practice is primed to continue producing but with all opportunity to continue growing. The practice is completely fee-for-service - full-UCR (cash/credit - no 'in-network' insurance participation). New patient flow is steady from both a strong doctor and patient referral program (advertising minimal). The practice employs one full-time and one part-time hygienist for a total of four to five hygiene days per week. Practice has a digital panoramic and employs laser technology as well as nitrous sedation (when necessary). Seller owns the office space and will consider selling it in the future. Seller will also be willing to stay post-closing to assist in transitioning patients and referral sources.
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