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We provide all services related to and associated with the purchase and/or sale of a practice.

• Identify practices seeking associates-to-buy opportunities.
• Identify associates looking for buy-in buy-out opportunities.
• Provide consulting and advisory services leading to partnerships.
• Identify opportunities for associates.
• Assist and consult in partnership / associate dissolution.

Our team has worked with many accountants and attorneys throughout the State of Florida. We are able to provide referrals to those who are familiar with these practice transitions.

• Consult with your accountant and attorney to determine the tax implications of your transaction.
• Work with your accountant to set up accounts and expense categories.
• Assist you and your attorney in the preparation of transition documents.
• Provide the financial package preparation and develop relationships with financial institutions for practice acquisitions, expansion or relocation, debt consolidation or financial planning.

Financial Management

Built upon a solid foundation of practice data, Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, in conjunction with premier dental financial planners, partners with clients to provide sound financial planning and investment strategies. On average, only 4% of dentists are able to retire at age 65 with a livable income provided through investments. However, financial freedom is attainable with proper planning. Our programs guide each client through the process by presenting options and identifying strategies.

The average dentist can achieve financial freedom in approximately 15 years with no current retirement savings set aside. Through saving approximately 10% of gross production each year for 15 years (based upon current historical stock returns of 10% on these savings) the goal of financial freedom can be attained.

We also have the resources to offer assistance with defined benefit plan options, death and disability options, staff profit sharing and retirement plans. Incorporated into this approach, we have the relationships to assist our clients in tax planning by providing quarterly financial statements, 941 payroll taxes and year-end tax return preparation and submission.



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