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Here's What Our Past Clients Have to Say About Us...

"My practice went on the market around Memorial Day, in the height of the pandemic. Adding to the difficulty, my landlord raised the rent and was an obstacle in the sale. Dr. Auerbach had to put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to close this deal. It was hardly worth his time. He was very professional. I am very grateful"

"I would like to recognize Skip Stamper, from Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions for his guidance and facilitation in the recent sale of my practice. I am incredibly appreciative of all the hard work and the rest of the team put in, it was a pleasure doing business with him and the Henry Schein Team."

B.R. Shah, DDS

"There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a practice transition. Greg was able to keep things moving forward even during a COVID pandemic environment. He kept things organized and when more info was needed he was there. I am very happy that I used HS [Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions] / Greg with the transition and felt well taken care of during the process. Biggest thing that stands out was that Greg was punctual, to the point and very knowledgable."

Michael Caputo, DDS

"I would like to recognize Skip Stamper, from Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions for his guidance and facilitation in the recent sale of my practice. I am incredibly appreciative of all the hard work and the rest of the team put in, it was a pleasure doing business with him and the Henry Schein Team."

Elias M. Sargi, DDS

"Paul Rang was referred to us by a previous sale.  Process was quick, relatively easy, and painless.  Paul was very knowledgeable, efficient and accessible.  I would recommend him to any dentist wishing to sell their practice."

Harvey Kansol, DDS

"Excellent, very detailed, smooth transition.  Thanks Paul!  Paul is a '10'!"

"When I relocated to Florida I purchased a practice.  The process was relatively simplistic and straight forward. The business of dentistry was much more simple from what it is now.  It has evolved to fast pace complexities of management, marketing and greater competition which has also made transitions more difficult and complex.  Listing with Dr. Rang of ADS Florida was my best business decision in 39 years of practice.  The commission was worth every penny.  It brought my a qualified buyer, navigated through the complexities of lease transfer and cash buy-out, then put me out to pasture to retire within 6 months."

Timothy B. Chatterly, DDS

"I had, in the past, used another brokerage service and felt that the practice valuation was inaccurate.  When Schein performed their in depth evaluation, I felt it was realistic, fair and marketable. My representative, Skip Stamper, walked me through every phase smoothly and with professionalism.  This was our lifetime business and he listened and respected me and the buyer with this very important transaction.  Schein's team made the complex process seamless..

Michael Jumber, DMD

"We were very pleased with Greg Auerbach, our ADS Florida | Henry Schein practice broker.  We had multiple people look at the practice almost immediately.  Greg was [a] very knowledgeable professional and responsive to all our questions and concerns.  Our practice sold quickly and it was made easier with Greg handling the process."

Judy Rowland, DDS

"Greg did a great job working all the numbers and walking the buyer and seller through the process. It is much more involved selling a practice now than in the past.  ADS and Greg have a great network of marketing, finance and dental contacts.

Alan Schaeperklaus, DDS

"Process was intimidating, but Skip was very helpful throughout.

"Overall it was a good experience.  Their attention to detail and guidance through the steps and process was extremely helpful especially when you are still running the practice during the transition.  Greg being available for questions and suggestions helped lower the stress level.  I would recommend them to any one needing to sell their practice.

Brian Allen, DMD

"The transition process was more complicated than I could have imagined at the start.  Thankfully, Dr. Paul Rang was there through the entire process.  Dr. Rang was supportive and informative and was a valuable resource throughout the transition.  When I would get overwhelmed with information or my to do list, Dr. Rang was always there to calm me down and keep things going in the right direction.  Part psychiatrist, part organizational mastermind, Dr. Rang was wonderful throughout the experience."

Grant Pinney, DMD

"I would like to take the time to thank ADS Florida/ Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, and more specifically, my broker, Paul Rang for walking me through the sale of my practice. Having owned my dental practice for over 23 years, it was not just a big financial decision but an emotional one as well. Secondly, most of my staff had been with me for many years and I really cared about what would happen to them. Paul reassured me it would be my decision and we would look until we found the right candidate.

Knowing what I know now, it would have been impossible to navigate this process without professional expertise and I can't imagine anyone more suited than Paul. There were many times in the process when I was stressed out and overwhelmed by the details, but Paul is the most calm, cool and evenhanded personality you will find. He knows this business inside and out and was on top of every detail. I knew at all times, exactly where we were in the process and what to expect next. When you consider the multiple parties involved from dentists, lawyers, CPA's, financial institutions and others, it is a logistical feat to keep everyone on schedule and rowing in the same direction. Paul makes it look easy.

I can't say enough good things about the experience I had. I had many candidates to choose from. I always knew what was going on because of the excellent communication. When it came to the actual closing, it was more of a relaxed, signing of papers that went smoothly and did not take long. Incidentally, Paul drove four hours to get to the closing (while on vacation) to accommodate our schedule. Where can you get that level of service and dedication in today's world? When you decide to make some transition with your practice, do yourself a favor and call on Paul Rang. You will not be disappointed.

With Sincerest Gratitude, I am"

Nick Brand, DDS

"Skip provided good service, easy to get a hold of."

"Sale done efficiently and purchaser agreed to practice price and building price.  Purchaser easy to work with.

Paul Grumbach, DDS

"Our experience with Phil LoGrippo was very professional.  He was responsive, and gave clear instruction on the process as we moved forward.  Phil was an excellent liaison between the seller and purchaser.  He was understanding of the unique character traits and emotions of the seller and advised me along the process in order to keep things moving in a positive direction that led to closing.  Phil's ability to work with the lender was paramount as the lender trusted his professional review of the practice and made [it] a very smooth financing experience.  The purchase of this practice would not have been possible without his guidance from start to finish..

Paul Mabe, DDS

Paul Rang, with ADS Florida, has been a pleasure to work with. He was professional and timely throughout the process.  Although he was hired to represent the Seller, I always felt that he went above and beyond to help me in any way he could.  The closing went smoothly.  I have even called with questions after the closing, and I was provided with the same great customer service.  I am happy to recommend Paul and ADS Florida in the future to any of my colleagues, family and friends.

Christopher Shannon, DMD

"Greg, thank you so much for your help and guidance through the complexities of selling my dental practice. From pre-listing valuation to weeks after closing, you were there with unwavering support and invaluable help.

Naturally, my spouse and I were apprehensive about the transition process having zero experience with it. Your calm and caring demeanor along with years of experience, thorough knowledge of the process from both the seller and buyer’s side, helped guide us through, and allowed me to keep working while you handled the details in a systematic yet personalized way. We both felt that we had your full attention, and that no question was too much trouble to answer. You were always available to help us navigate and you explained what to expect during each step of the process. I’m also thankful that you brought the perfect buyer to my practice and I left feeling that my patients will be well taken care of."

I highly recommend using ADS Florida"

Dorothy Tiberii, DMD

"My rep, Dr. Paul Rang, has been very patient in answering all my questions and fulfilling all the requests.  He also did a good job mediating some disagreements that I and the Seller had during the negotiation process.  I would highly recommend using ADS Florida for practice purchase."

Ilmoon Park, DMD

"Dr. Rang was professional, patient, reassuring, thorough, helpful and especially friendly during this six months from signing with ADS Florida and closing on the sale of my practice.  He explained the complete process, was there to introduce the buyer, recommend an attorney, discuss the documents, took time from his vacation for the closing and was a confidant throughout the transaction.  He has my admiration"

Thomas R. Johnson, DDS

"Everything went smoothly.  As a new graduate, I had no idea how much went in to the sale and transition of a practice.  I cannot imagine having to do this on my own.  Paul Rang was a great resource for questions I had for every aspect of the transition and made sure everything went as smoothly as possible"

M. Mcclain Woolsey DDS

"I was very impressed with Dr. Paul Rang's professionalism and knowledge in helping me find and ultimately close on a practice.  His position was unbiased and fair, thus provided me with honest advice.  He was able to guide me smoothly through he transition and thoroughly prepare me to become an owner.  He continuously gives me advice, even after closing, so that I may quickly become comfortable with my new position.  I highly recommend Dr. Paul Rang to any dentist planning to transition in/out of a dental practice."

Young Lee, DMD

"Dr. Rang was very knowledgeable during the process.  He provided me with a checklist that made the transition very smooth and easy.  His skills in working with the contracts and making sure that [they] were right for both parties was outstanding.  Thank you very much, Dr. Rang"

Gladson Silva, DMD

"I would recommend Dr. Paul Rang without hesitation or reservation.  He was honest, ethical and considered my individual situation and objectives. With his combined legal and dental experience the transition was as smooth and stress free as one could hope for.  I will not have a transition in the future, but if I did, I would choose Paul again."

Richard R. Danielson, DDS

"Paul was a pleasure to work with: professional, unflappable in the face of road blocks; sober, direct, honest, knowledgeable, experienced"

"I was impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of Dr. Rang.  Dr. Rang conducted all [of the] transaction with complete honesty.  Dr. Rang promptly replied to all of my inquiries and promptly returned all of my calls."

Anny Vera, DDS

"He came highly recommended and now I see why. Thank you!!"

Drew Byrnes, DMD

"From start to finish, Paul did a terrific job in selling my practice.  I had no idea how much would be involved.  Over the period of a year, we met with a variety of prospective buyers until the right match was found.  He walked us through the appraisal, negotiations, and reams of documents.  On the buyer side he coordinated the financing.  My CPA was very impressed. The whole process was competently and professionally done."

Alan Price, DMD

"Greg was very professional and did a good job of explaining everything throughout the process.  Would highly recommend his services."

James Green, DMD

"Overall professional, concise, organized.  Greg made himself available."

Blake Moores, DDS

"It was a pleasure to have Dr. Paul Rang guide the sale of my practice. It was smooth as his experience made the process an easy one for all concerned."

Ted Schwartz, DDS

"It took longer than expected to sell the practice but partially due to some items on my end.  I always felt ADS/Greg had my best interest in mind.  Transaction went well and [I am] pleased I used ADS/Greg."

Gy Yatros, DMD

"What stands out is the professionalism.  Once we agreed on a price, I was never pressured to lower it even when activity was slow.  Phil LoGrippo is a true gentleman and showed great knowledge of the process.  He was unflappable even at difficult points of the process."

David Isaac Greenberg, DMD

"I felt the valuation process took the individuality of the practice in to consideration. It was also noteworthy that the buyer had talked with other brokers and feld that Greg was more trustworthy and fair to him as a purchaser. I believe the best commentary I could offer is that if given the opportunity to go through this process again, I wouldn't hesitate to use ADS [Florida]. Thanks for a great experience."

Mitchell M. Strumpf, DDS

"ADS and Paul Rang did a superb job of understanding what my wishes were in transitioning from my lifetime work to retirement. Paul found "just the right person for my practice". Paul was patient, answering all questions, with patience and thoughtfulness. ADS has all the systems in place to make a difficult transition seamless and smooth"

Robert D. Pellarin, DDS

"We knew Greg and he was very reputable. The overall process was very smooth."

Joseph Vu, DMD

"Greg was helpful in facilitating the transaction."

"Dr. Paul Rang always was available for us, even after regular working hours. He had answers for every question or doubt that we had. Always very professional. The best. Our experience can be summed up in one word: Excellent!"

Armando Ortega, DDS


"ADS provided all of these ingredients and more for a seamless practice transition."

Paul S. DeCarlo, Jr., DDS

"Superb! The entire process was smooth and well-directed. Paul did an outstanding job and deserves full credit. Well done!!"

Scott Ebner, DDS

"Phil was on top of everything, always, never missed a detail of the process. Well done, Phil! With the situation I was facing, ADS Florida understood my situation and did everything possible to secure the sale of my practice."

John Randolph, DDS

"My experience with ADS Florida, LLC in the sale of my specialty practice was exceptional in fulfilling both my timing and financial requirements. Paul Rang, DMD, JD was invaluable in facilitating a successful conclusion to the practice sale."

Jon Wilkins, DDS

"The entire process was smooth and professional. Overall everything was good and if I find myself in the same position again, I will use ADS [Florida] / Paul Rang again."

Jose F. Lopez, DDS

"I was very pleased with the professionalism and expertise that ADS brought to my practice purchase. Though Paul Rang of ADS was representing the seller, as the buyer I found that his interests were to create an equitable transition for both parties. I appreciated his help in keeping me on track to the details that needed to be accomplished before, during and after the sale. I would strongly recommend him and your group to anyone seeking to buy or sell a practice."

Mark Kedzierski, DDS

"Greg sold the practice very quickly and for a good price. He is very professional and patient. The process is laid out well and is easy."

"ADS Florida and Dr. Paul Rang provided me an excellent experience in purchasing a practice. All practice information and documents were provided in a timely manner. The closing was seamless and Dr. Rang was there the entire journey to make everything become a smooth practice transition."

R. Kent Howell, DMD

"Established a fair value, produced several potential buyers, evaluated each potential buyer accurately. When I was injured and could not return to my practice, Greg (Auerbach) got the job done. Greg was there at a pivotal point with great guidance and effectiveness."

Jay D. Krasne, DDS

"In summary, what could have been a daunting task became a manageable experience due to Stuart's efforts. I would highly recommend anyone interested in selling their practice contact Stuart."

[click to see full letter - PDF | HTML]"

Gary M Stein, DDS

"Dr. Paul Rang is an exceptional listener and for this reason the transition process was completed within the expeted time frame. Dr. Rang is prompt in addressing the myriad of questions that arise and articulate when explaining the solutions to those issues. I'm extremely pleased with the entire process."

"ADS was very helpful throughout every step. Always available for questions and explained everything in easy-to-understand terms. NO COMPLAINTS. Would definitely recommend to others. I do not believe I could have had a better experience."

Tiffany Shields, DMD

"From the beginning to end, it was organized and a well planned process. Paul's forms and his familiary with all the legal jargon was helpful all along the way... I can't say enough about Paul Rang. He is a first class guy and knows his business."

Charles E. Broadway, DMD

"Paul was (is) great! I don't think the transition could have gone any better. Thank you Paul and ADS."

Joseph M. Bongiorno II, DMD

"Paul Rang is reliable, honest and very knowledgeable. The overall process was very organized and systematic. Dr. Rang listened to my vision and respected my wishes. All documents were prepared in a professional and timely fashion. ADS Florida made sure that it was a 'win-win' for the buyer, seller."

"Greg Auerbach was very professional, personable and gave good advice regarding the sale of the practice. His experience and insight helped "close the deal" with the right dentist."

"Paul Rang was very professional during the transition; he went above and beyond the call of duty. I definitely will refer your company to my friends during their transitions."

"Dr. Paul Rang is whom I chose to work with because I know him to be fair, honest and to have an incredible work ethic and personal moral and ethical code.

Donald J. Sammarco, DDS, FAGD

"(Stuart) provided invaluable assistance in locating a well qualified buyer for my practice. The whole process went smoothly and the transition was unbelievably seamless. His knowledge and expertise made the process work."

Melvyn Nathanson, DDS

"Paul Rang was extremely helpful in structuring and overseeing a fairly complicated transaction, which included a pre-closing and subsequent fold-in."

David Nichols, Dental Care Alliance

"It was professionally handled, the documents were first class. The process was mostly pain free. I would recommend them without any reservation."

Edmond F. Weglarz, DDS

"The process was very low stress and Greg was extremely helpful through every step of the way. Greg was amazing and was pivotal in my ultimate decision to purchase the practice."

Angela M. Harney, DMD

"Paul was terrific - professional and approachable, helpful, knowledgeable - felt comfortable trusting ADS with all the details in a process that could have been a nightmare with the emotional element thrown in and it wasn't! Thanks, will definitely recommend your services!"

Dr. Michael Manzoli

"Greg Auerbach made a very complicated process understandable - always ready to answer any questions or concerns. I truly felt he was my advocate and made the whole experience 'pain free' (important in business as well as dentistry). Thank you Greg!"

Dr. Greg Dickinson

"The sale process was very smooth. I received excellent counsel from Stuart and felt very comfortable with his assistance. The documents were easy to read and understand. I will recommend Stuart Auerbach to any professional who is seeking to transition"

Dr. John Magnacca

"It is true that you don't know what you don't know. When I decided to sell my dental practice, I know it would be more involved than selling a home, but truly didn't know all the particulars involved. During the process, I worked with Dr. Stuart Auerbach of ADS Florida. I, along with my accountant and attorney found him to be very knowledgeable. Stuart was always available returning phone calls or e-mails promptly. He expedited the entire process and allowed for the swift sale of my practice. I would definitely recommend Dr. Auerbach and ADS Florida to anyone desiring to purchase or sell a dental practice."

Dr. Betty Gottfried

"Paul was very helpful and knowledgeable about the whole process. He took the time to explain the details and the unknowns. It was a great experience!"

Dr. Jeremy Ledger

<"Hy Smith was very helpful in recognizing the benefits of purchasing my Suntree practice in 2000. Paul Rang did a great job with managing all the legal issues associated with my purchase of the Suntree practice in 2000 as well as with my sale of (the) same practice in 2007."

Dr. Donald A. Ray

"Dr. Auerbach was very adaptable in handling the unique situation in the sale of our practice. He was able to navigate several bumps in the road and conclude the sale to the satisfaction of both parties, and thought of all the details we would never have considered. We were pleased with the way Dr. Auerbach handled the process."

"Paul Rang is the consummate professional. His demeanor, quick response and overall knowledge was extremely helpful and made the experience of buying a dental practice less intimidating. And although Paul was not representing me, I found that he was working for both the seller (his client) and me, never making me feel that all that mattered was the money involved. It was all about the right fit, for both of us."

Dr. Rachel S. Squier

"Stuart Auerbach was an absolute gentleman and professional. He facilitated a smooth transition for both the seller and myself. I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone looking to buy or sell a practice!"

Dr. Brandon Alegre

"Dear Dr. Auerbach

I am writing you from beautiful Tennessee. My wife and I are just getting used to and settling into our new lives as retirees!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company, [ADS Florida, LLC] for your assistance in the sale of my dental practice in Marathon, FL. I interviewed a number of brokers before deciding to list my practice with you, and I am extremely happy I chose your company.

I appreciate your diligence in securing a qualified purchaser, and assisting us in transitioning my practice. I found your services and advice to be of the highest quality; I'm certainly happy that I didn't attempt to do this on my own, your services are invaluable. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference to any doctors who are seeking competent and quality representation in the sale of their dental practice."

Leon D. Terry, Sr, DMD

"I was very pleased with the manner in which the sale was completed. Everything was well thought out and the documentation was very good. I would recommend your company to a prospective client."

Dr. Maurees Kramer

"Excellent practice analysis, clear, concise and made all the difference. Experience was painless. In 10 days I made an offer, got lending and closed!! Must be a record."

Roberto Bellegarrigue, DMD

"Sale was handled professionally with excellent communication."

"The whole process was very smooth. Both Dr. Paul Rang and Greg Auerbach have been very helpful and professional. This was such a 180 degree turn around experience from a previous broker I worked with at (name removed)! I would recommend [ADS Florida, LLC] to any of my dental friends considering purchasing a practice."

"Although each of the three brokerage firms I contacted suggested similar figures for the value my practice, ADS Florida’s representative, Dr Paul Rang, seemed to be more professional and presented a more complete package for selling my practice and property.

I was selling my practice because of a medical disability. That created urgency and the need for a plan to sell not only the practice but the dental office property as well. The practice sold in a timely manner. The closing of the practice sale happened seamlessly. Now a little over two years later the property has been sold as well. ADS Florida's representative, Dr. Paul Rang, arranged the entire process. The process worked out perfectly from the beginning with the establishing of a fair value for the practice and property, to presenting potential buyers and finally to the closing of the sale.

I would highly recommend ADS Florida to any dentist who wants professional help in selling his or her dental practice. The young dentist who purchased my practice would likely echo my sentiments since he is thriving and I believe exceeding his expectations."

Dr. David K. Smith

"Paul, in particular, guided us with exceptional confidence and patience. He helped us feel comfortable during each step and took care of loose ends and details with speed and accuracy. We also admired his follow up and his genuine care for our decision even after he closed on our practice."

Dr. Tanya Orr

"When I met with Stu [Dr. Stuart Auerbach], I felt he was straightforward and honest. What else can I say! I felt there was no need to speak with anyone else. I did know a couple people buying or selling practices with different brokers and I did not like how they were being handled."

"When I first thought about purchasing a second practice, I wanted to try to do it without a broker. I thought it would save money and from previous experiences, I never really trusted a "broker.

"Now that I have purchased two practices and merged them together with Dr. Paul Rang of [ADS Florida] acting as the broker, I realize that it could have been done without him. Dr. Rang is very knowledgeable of the entire process and made this a very comfortable experience. I would highly recommend that if you are buying or selling a dental practice that you let Dr. Rang handle the transaction."

Alan J. Aviertt, DMD

"Dear Paul -

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for such a fine job in selling my practice. Your professional but personal manner combined with your expertise made the difficult process seem easy. I really appreciated your honesty and realistic appraisals of timing and prospects as we worked together. I really feel that we achieved the win-win situation we sought from the beginning. Please feel free to use me as a personal reference for you or your organization in the future."

Dr. Donald C. Jeffers

"The past six months since the death of my husband, Dr. Ray O. Ball, Jr., have brought many changes. The unexpected loss of a spouse is always difficult but when it was compounded by the fact that he and I worked side by side building our dental practice for nearly twenty years, it made it almost unbearable.

It was shortly after my husband's death that while keeping the practice afloat, I was given your name as someone to represent me in the inevitable sale of our dental practice. My dear friend, Dr. Thomas Smith agreed to speak to you on my behalf. Another company had contacted me to sell the practice. I wasn't comfortable with their aggressiveness, nor the fact that they never took the time to meet me in person.

Once Dr. Smith spoke with you he was very sure you were the right person to guide me through the entire process. From the very first time I met with you I felt at ease. Your credentials were impeccable, your reputation unblemished. What really made the whole relationship work was your gentle but strong manner in which you conducted yourself. Never did I doubt your honesty and leadership. The fact that you are first a dentist, second an attorney and third a broker gave me complete confidence throughout our entire process.

You were there for me when I most needed your strong thoughtful guidance and you brought the sale of the practice to a speedy close. I often reflect on the past six months and in all certainty, couldn't have done it without you.

I want anyone who is selling or buying a dental practice to know that I highly recommend you and [ADS Florida].

Thank you Paul for all you have done and continue to do. It's comforting to know that you are a phone call away, even after the sale. If you would like to give my name to future clients, please feel free. I want them to know what a wonderful, honest, competent person you are and that you are truly a pleasure to work with."

Mrs. Susan Ball

"Dr. Rang fulfilled my every expectation and more so in the sale of my dental practice. He conducted the practice transition in the most professional manner. Telephone calls were always returned promptly; concerns and questions were addressed in a timely fashion.

The practice sale was conducted and transferred in a very smooth manner. I would highly recommend Dr. Paul Rang for any assistance needed in practice sales, partnerships, and associations."

Dr. John A. Bell

"Overall a good experience and a stress-less process."

"My wife and I would like to thank you for your hard work. From our first meeting at our office to the closing, you presented yourself with knowledge, professionalism, and a dedication to the deal. No matter what obstacles arose (and there were many), you were able to keep us calm and assured us that everything would be ok. You were always available for conversation and had answers to all questions. We could not have done this deal without you and look forward to doing business in the future."

"Dr. Paul Rang was the best. Always quick to respond to my inquiries. Always had a logical and to the point answer. Showed me complete confidence in his transition knowledge."

"Stu [Dr. Stuart Auerbach] was right on the money with everything he told me from the start of the process thru closing, on the mark! The time frame for the (sale) to the process and setup for the buyers financing were all on the button! I would not hesitate to recommend Stu to anyone buying or selling a practice."

"Thanks for all of your help making the transition of my practice a smooth one. I appreciate all the time and effort that you put into this process. From your countless emails and phone calls, tour many meetings you were there to answer all of my questions concerning the sale of my practice.

You were able to guide me through a complicated deal. I have dealt with other brokers in the past and after working with you I know that I would choose to work with you again in the future.

Keep on Smilin'"

"I wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful assistance you were able to provide for the sale of my dental practice. As you know, I have had experience myself in the past as a practice broker. However, with the complications today with the sale of dental practices, I would not have been able to do the job myself.

You very competently located qualified buyers, so that my time was not wasted, and were able to maintain confidentiality throughout. In addition, you were able to arrange financing, even though the buyer was without personal equity, or experience. I was also pleased with the manner you were able to deal with both attornies. There were many stumbling blocks that could have derailed the entire process; however, you kept both sides talking, and everything turned out well.

I would highly recommend your company to any buyers or seller of a dental practice. Buying or selling a dental practice in today's world is too complicated to do it alone. Throughout the process you both have exhibited only the highest integrity. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference to any potential clients.

Best Regards,
Stephen D Eingorn, DMD

"To whom it may concern;

Two of the most important business events in a dentist's life are the buying and selling of a first home and the buying and selling of a dental practice. After building my dental practice for 34 years I was very discriminating when I selected a transition specialist to sell my practice. Stuart Auerbach, a representative for ADS Florida, was the gentleman I chose. From the initial evaluation of my practice, to the final settlement of the purchase, his meticulous, methodical approach to the process ensured that both myself and the dentist who purchased the practice found the transaction seamless. This was truly a testament to Stuart as there were issues that came up that could have derailed or significantly postponed the sale of the practice. Stuart with his hands on pragmatic approach to problem solving and negotiations was able to keep the process moving forward to its conclusion. This is something that l will always be grateful to him for.

In summary what could have been a daunting task became a manageable experience due to Stuart's efforts. I would highly recommend anyone interested in selling their dental practice contact Stuart.

Gary M. Stein, DDS



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