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Internet Marketing and Your Practice

Laurence E. Fendrich, DMD
Founder, Dental 101 Web Sites & Internet Marketing
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With so many patients now on the World Wide Web and looking for a dentist to help them, getting your practice on-line and at the top of the search engines is an incredibly profitable way to grow and maintain your practice.

Establishing and maintaining a web site is one of the most cost effective ways to market your practice. Every day patients are searching the Internet for a dentist in their area. The great thing is that many of these patients know what they want and are simply looking for a qualified dentist to do the procedure for them. Today’s marketing is all about attracting these online consumers. Think about it for a moment. Each patient that you attract from your web site can be acquired for virtually no cost. But, no matter how many patients view our web site, we still need them to do one thing. We need them to pick up the phone and call us. So, what would make a potential patient pick up the telephone to call your practice and not the next practice? On the Internet, it all comes down to perceived quality and nothing speaks more highly about your practice than a great-looking web site.

Once you have a great-looking web site, then keeping that site at the top of the search engines is very important. This can be done in two different ways. Your practice can take advantage of one many of the web sites that list dentists in a particular field of specialization. Some of them charge less than a simple listing in your local yellow pages and are usually far more effective at attracting new patients. The second way is to hire a company to do Search Engine Marketing for your own domain name. This insures that your own web site gets maximum exposure at the top of the searches. Each of these methods will usually provide you with an incredible return on your investment.

If our company can help you in your Internet marketing efforts, please feel free to call us at 888-956-1010.




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