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Why Should You Hire a Broker

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You can either buy or sell a dental practice without one.
You can do many things for yourself but trying to do something for the first time can be a costly experience. Professional Transitions, Inc. is experienced in all aspects of the transaction and is licensed by the State of Florida.

Practice appraisal by a professional practice broker is only the beginning of the process for a successful transaction.
There is no formula to arrive at a fair practice price. The practice price is determined after careful consideration of many factors. Getting the price right the first time can determine whether or not prospective purchasers even consider your practice. A practice that is overpriced or improperly represented quickly becomes known in the community as undesirable. This can greatly increase the time it takes to sell.

Confidentiality is a concern of most Sellers.
You want your practice advertised to qualified purchasers. The marketing strategy for your practice can begin to eliminate unqualified purchasers as well as control your practice exposure to staff, current and prospective patients.

Negotiation of the purchase price and terms are best accomplished by a third party.

Most conflicts between purchasers and sellers occur over money. It is best to have a third party to negotiate the terms of the sale and actual purchase price. This eliminates the most contentious facet of the transaction.

Contracts for purchase and sale as well as accompanying documents need to be prepared and customized for your transaction.
Professional Transitions, Inc. can provide draft agreements for your transaction. These agreements should contain the common issues of practice sales in addition to the specific terms of your transaction. Properly constructed and negotiated agreements will save legal fees for both parties. Additionally, we can assist you and your accountant in asset allocation which can save you thousands of dollars.

Financing for the Purchaser can reduce your exposure to post sale default.
Financing of prospective purchasers relates directly to the structure of the transaction. A properly constructed transaction can usually be totally financed for qualified purchasers. This eliminates seller notes and exposure to non payment by purchasers. You do not want to have to return to practice after a sale. Professional Transitions, Inc. can assist purchasers in securing financing.

In the end, the final transaction needs to be fair for both the Purchaser and Seller to be successful.

If you are considering the sale of your practice, please contact your local expert at ADS Florida, LLC atĀ or call at 800-262-4119.




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