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Dorothy Tiberii, DDS

“I am confident that he will provide excellent care to my former patients"

Throughout her 32 years 
in practice, Dr. Dorothy 
Tiberii made countless 
decisions to ensure the 
best care for her patients 
and the success of 
her practice. However, 
when the time came to 
transition her practice 
and move from practitioner 
to retiree, she realized the most important financial decision of her career was upon her. She chose to enlist the expertise of Greg Auerbach and ADS Florida (now a part of Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions).

“I briefly investigated other brokers, but not one  was as professional, or inspired the confidence  that Greg did,” says Dr. Tiberii. “Greg and his  team provided constant support throughout the  process to both me and my spouse. He was  always available to answer any questions we  had, and there were many!”

While Dr. Tiberii knew the qualities she hoped  to find in her successor, the process by which
to find the ideal person was uncharted territory. “I think Greg’s knowledge of the market and his experience with the transition process made his help invaluable. He clearly explained the steps of the transition so there were no surprises.” After being presented with several potential buyers, all of whom were quality candidates, Dr. Tiberii met Dr. Kaya Aygen, and knew without a doubt she had found the perfect successor. “He is caring, competent, and forward looking, and I am confident that he will provide excellent care to my former patients.” 

With the peace of mind provided by her successful  and smooth transition process, Dr. Tiberii delights  in traveling, and spending more time with her  wife, family, and friends. After spending her  career caring for others, she is proud to say she  now “excels at doing nothing,” and appreciates  the freedom to master that skill every day thanks  to the help of her transition team!



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